Second generation Teddy Ruxpin
After the initial release of Teddy Ruxpin, he was redone to make him lighter, more
battery friendly, and cheaper to produce.  WOW came out with the plastic tape player
to replace the metal one.  It was and still is prone to mechanical failure from dropping,
automatically cut power when the tape was finished. This addressed the battery run
down problem of the first Teddy when the tape is taken out but the on/off wheel was
left in the "on" position.  This one out automatically cut power when the tape was
finished.  Keep this in mind when Teddy shuts down after completion of the tape, it is
sometimes necessary to take the tape out and put it back in before it will work again.  
This is not suppose to happen but, it all does with some individual Teddy Ruxpins.  
There were several modifications to the circuit boards, between and including the two
Generations of Teddy, although they are all green and basically labeled REV, REV E,
REV-. The 3rd generation bear has a beige circuitboard. The battery box with a
unhinged and detachable battery cover remained in the 2nd generation bear and is
identical to the first generation bear (the 3rd generation has an attached hinged
battery cover)
Along with the 3rd generation bears, this plastic tape player is prone to breakage of
various tabs on the tape player, making Teddy malfunction.  There is also a spring
connected to an activation connection that frequently falls off after a period of time,
also making the cassette player malfunction.  If you refer to my Teddy operating room
page, you will see an example of this problem as it is quite common.  The spring is
usually found stuck to Teddys magnetized speaker in the middle of his belly.  It is not
a complicated repair but you do have to take Teddy completely apart including circuit
boards to fix it.  As with the 1st generation bear, head cleaning and belt replacement
will definitely prolong the life of Teddy's tape player.  This second generation is a sort
of "transition bear" bridging the gap between the 1st generation and 3rd generation
bear that are considerably different.