First Generation Teddy Ruxpin
3 servo models (see 3rd
generation page for the
The first Teddy Ruxpin was released with a metal tape player and used a
standard cassette tape with it stereo tracks containing animation and
voice/music recordings.  He had 3 servo motors, 1 for the eyes, 1 for
the upper mouth and one for the lower jaw.  Some of the earlier ones
had a lighter brown color that was quite soft.  It had a rubber nose as
opposed to the hard plastic noses that came later.  He was a heavy
battery user, sometimes due to not having a automatic tape player
shutdown when the tape ended.  The tape would end and stop although
it would keep running even if the tape was removed as long as the
on/off wheel was in the on position.  This spinning of the left spindle
after the tape was removed merely ran down Teddy's batteries.  This
Teddy Ruxpin and the 2nd generation Teddy Ruxpin had a green main
circuit board.  There were several versions of the circuit board in Teddy
Ruxpin and Worlds of Wonder used several companies overseas to
make Teddy Ruxpin, mostly China and Korea.  Although all are basically
the same there are differences in wire, connections and circuit board
components.  Most of the Teddy Ruxpins I get in for repair have been
previously repaired in the past.  Some repairs have benefited the toy
and some were basically bandaid repairs.  This Teddy Ruxpin has the
most "motor noise" when running.  Some of the modifications in the 2nd
generation bear were made to address this problem.  There is definitely
a motor whine when Teddy's facial parts move.  The placement of the
tapes are very important in the metal tape players, sometimes having to
take the tape out and put in back in each time you turn it on to get it to
run although it runs fine once it comes on.  The tapes are a snug fit in
the metal tape players and the tapes and player door is easily damaged
if the door is forced shut. In all versions of Teddy Ruxpin, the cassette
door is connected in some way to the engagement of the tape player
which is why many people write me that the tape player will only run if
the door is held in a certain position.