Snoopy was the least popular of the Worlds of wonder creations, and the hardest to fix and troubleshoot.  He is large, heavy and uses the same
technology of the other WOW toys.  He shared the same characteristics as Teddy, Grubby, Mickey, Goofy, Mother Goose and Hector. A
number of parts are interchangeable.
He has a port in the back of him for the usual connection cord but it does nothing since the Charlie Brown that was going to be paired with him
was still being developed when WOW went bankrupt and stopped production.  There are an occasional prototypes of Charlie Brown on the
internet but I do not own one. I do have some pictures.  I occasionally get inquiries about Charlie Brown and his clothes.  A far as I know, these
pictures from the brochure (see below) were never actually released and I've never seen any.
Woodstock was made but he does not "connect" to Snoopy and he chirps when you squeeze him.
If you are used to how Teddy, Grubby, Mother Goose and Hector work, you will be a little
disappointed with Mickey, Goofy and Snoopy. They have the same motors as Teddy and Grubby.  
You can see some performance problems with Grubby and the fact that his mouth is bigger and
heavier.  The one saving feature with Grubby is the fact that they compensated some with battery
power so the servos actually get more power in Grubby than they do in Teddy due to the fact that
Teddy has his same power source divided so many ways. In Mickey and Snoopy, the power that goes
to the servo motors is the same as it is in Teddy except Mickey and Snoopys nose and mouth are
much bigger and heavier.
Snoopy had two big platform pieces added to his face that go inside the lower mouth and upper
mouth with alot of padding and stuffing around them.  The stuffing and surrounding padding restrict
the movement of Snoopy's upper and lower mouth making his movements rather subtle.  It is
somewhat a disappointment to Teddy and Grubby fans used to the active animation of the other
WOW toys.  The eye servo motor also controls Snoopys ears through a rather crude gear method.  
Snoopys ears move better than his eyes which are heavy balls that are not really seen when he
animates, because Snoopys eye slits are small due to the look he is suppose to have based on the
cartoon.  As a result, he eyes were not designed to "blink" like the other WOW characters. They are
designed so that you see some flashes of life, the main movements being Snoopys mouth and ears.  
You do not have to have a knowledge of physics to see the problems with Snoopys design. (see
pictures below)
The speaker is rather underpowered in Snoopy and with the very thick foam and fur, the volume is not as loud as you would find in
Teddy or Grubby.  Teddy's foam had circles cut out to facilitate sound passing through the foam.  For some reason, this was not
completely or consistently done in Snoopy and his tape player volume is noticeably lower.  He uses the same tape player as the third
generation bear and the tape player and white casing is interchangeable with Mother Goose's tape player on most versions of the toy.
He has a more rigid neck that Teddy and it is secured better making the usual Teddy broken neck rare.