THE NEW TEDDY RUXPIN by Backpack toys
Well the new Teddy Ruxpin by Backpack Toys has finally been
released.  Since my focus is Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpins, I
do not own the new Teddy Ruxpin.  I have received emails from
customers requesting info on the new toy.  One visitor to the site
has a new teddy Ruxpin and agreed to do a review and provide
pictures.  Thanks to Liz Kendrick from Kansas City, MO
My husband found Teddy just sitting at Walmart last week.  I'd been looking forward to the re-release for a long time,
so he knew he had to pick it up.  I assume a more far reaching release is upcoming.  That is why I've been so eager to
put info out there-because so little has been know about the new ones, even though they've been working on it for a
couple of years now.
The first thing I said when I saw the new Teddy was "Wow! He's tiny!"  I couldn't believe how small he was.  It's been
years since I've seen the box that the WOW Teddy came in, but I the new box is about the same size.  He was just
dwarfed in that big ole box!.  Someone from the Teddy Ruxpin Online posting board said that the new Teddy seems to
have the approx size & look of the Playskool Teddy.  I've never seen a Playskool Teddy in person, so I have no idea
if this is true.
Teddy has some changes.  He's smaller and runs on cartridges instead of tapes.  The stories are richer, more expanded
versions of the original tape/book sets.  Stories are now contained in two books-one for the pictures and one for the
story itself. It may make it a little harder for small kids to follow along, but it also allows for some beautiful
illustrations and nothing to distract from them.
My only disappointment is with battery life, 4 AA batteries lasted only 1 day!  Invest in rechargables.
on the new cartridges, so I filmed it)  I
uploaded it to YouTube, and if you want to,
uploaded it to YouTube, and if you want to,
you can click the link and see a video of the
new Teddy Ruxpin
new Teddy Ruxpin

Filmclip by Liz of her new Teddy Ruxpin
If the link doesn't work:
New Teddy, back view
Thanks Liz for the wonderful review and
---Dr Eeyore
For and expert view of the new backpack Teddy
Ruxpin.  Visit Josh Isaacson's Teddy Ruxpin Online site
for the ultimate Teddy Ruxpin online experience.

Liz with her new Teddy
New Teddy & WOW Teddy
New Teddy with accessories