.....Rest in
The 1992 Playschool Version of Teddy Ruxpin
The 1998 YES Entertainment Version of Teddy
This page is the morgue.  For anyone who wonders why I need a morgue, I assure you it is not for
Worlds of Wonder Teddy Ruxpins and Grubbys.  They are restored and adopted out to be loved by
a new family.  I have acquired several 1992 Playskool and 1998 Yes Entertainment bears, usually
when I buy a dead Teddy lot on Ebay.  I have taken these guys apart to see if I could fix them but
frankly, they are so poorly made, they are not worth the time for me to fix.  They are glued together
plastic, very cheaply made gears and electronics.  They have only 1 drive motor and a very large
pulley belt snaked throughout the skull to control the eyes and the mouth.  Like the 3rd generation
World of Wonder bear they have a upper/lower combination secured together with a spring.  This
belt definitely stretches mostly affecting the mouth.  In these bears their mouth moves but he never
actually opens his mouth fully due to stretching of the belt.  Changing the belt in very difficult as
instead of just screws securing the frame parts together, everything is super glued resulting in
having to break open the skull and do much damage to the bear to even reach the belts.  The tape
players are very cheaply made plastic although they seem to hold up better that the animation of
his face