Happiness is.....
.... a Teddy & Grubby of my own
If your want your picture on the website, just send
me a .jpg image with the name a place you live.
The Teddy of Grubby does not have to be bought
or restored by me, it can be any Teddy or Grubby
past or present

Eventually I hope to have a page for all the WOW
characters but for the time being if you have a
picture with a WOW Mother Goose, Hector, Mickey,
Goofy or Snoopy, I will include it on this page until I
have another page just for them.
Bethany learning to
walk while Teddy naps
Jessica holding the Teddy Ruxpin Enrico just fixed in
Savona, Italy
Alex with Teddy and Grubby - Louisville, Kentucky
Patrick and Teddy........CARROLLTON,
Kenzie with her Mom Lindsay with
the hand-me down Teddy
Duncan, OK